3D Culturing Gel

The organoid model is a three-dimensional culture system derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) or adult stem cells (AdSCs), with the application as the following:
· Complex spatial forms similar to human tissues or organs
· Individual organoid models
· Database establishment

The improvement of pluripotent stem cell and progenitor cell isolation technology as well as the optimization of culture conditions have promoted the development of organoid models. Among them, organoid stem cells are mainly derived from iPSCs and AdSCs.

After being mixed with an extracellular matrix (ECM), iPSCs or AdSCs are able to differentiate into specific tissue with spatial structures similar to organs under the induction of different growth factors combination. Wnt, EGF, FGF, R-spondin 1, and BMP are important growth factors that mainly affect the differentiation of most stem cells. Therefore, the development of activity- retained recombinant proteins that promote the growth and differentiation of stem cells will help establish organoid models and promote the research of stem cells development.


CHAMOT currently offers two matrix gel products for common 3D culture or organoid culture and tumor formation experimental applications in mouse cancer models:

· 3D cell and organoid culture hydrogel system:The 3D cell culture hydrogel system simulates the microenvironment of human tissue using synthetic biological materials. It is stable, adjustable, easy to operate, and has high biological compatibility, which can be applied in 3D cell culture, tumor formation experiment, tumor angiogenesis and invasion study.

· Tumor Gel:Tumor Gel is made from synthetic biological materials, which can provide extracellular matrix microenvironment without the risk of zoonotic pathogens or toxins. It has high activity, stability, biocompatibility, safety, and can be operated at room temperature. It is also easy to inject and allows self-adjustment of gel density. This product can be used in tumor growth experiments with various mouse cancer models.

Catalog# Size Price Availability
CM001-2.5CO 120 assasys $188.00
CM001-5CO 240 assays $300.00
CM001-10CO 480 assays $525.00
Catalog# Size Price Availability
CM002-2.5TX 25 assays $250.00
CM002-5TX 50 assays $475.00
CM002-10TX 100 assays $875.00