Our Team

Owen Yang      Chief Operating Officer (COO)


Graduated in biological engineering, she entered the scientific research biological reagent industry in 2012, and has been engaged in the marketing of cell culture and immunoanalysis products for a long time. She has rich experience in the front-line market of scientific research tools such as serum, recombinant protein and immune detection kits. At the end of 2018, CHAMOT Biotechnology was founded together with professional R&D and marketing teams from both sides of the Taiwan Strait, which is committed to providing scientific research and industrial customers with high biological activity recombinant protein products at reasonable prices.



Yuncy Liu      Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


Master degree in immunology, cell biology, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With nearly 10 years of working experience in biotechnology industry, I have rich experience in marketing promotion, channel construction, product application and technical support. Joined Jomer Bio in 2020 as Chief Marketing Officer.