PTMs Identification

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) is the process that add or remove functional group from protein via enzymatic modification.
PTMs have been revealed to involve in many cellular processes including cell division, growth, differentiation, and even signaling pathway modification of the cells. Therefore, understand the PTM sites of the proteins is critical for your research progression.
CHAMOT offers a dedicated protein post-translational modification site identification service through LC-MS/MS technology, which enables you to realize the PTM sites of protein comprehensively. Besides, our capable project manager will support and discuss with you personally throughout the process that help you obtain the information of your needs.

Key service features:
• Compared to antibody based identification, LC-MS/MS is able to identify protein PTM efficiently, which enables you to understand the PTM sites of your target protein.
• Leadgene offers the experienced scientist to discuss the experimental details with you.
• We provide comprehensive data which support you to understand the components of protein samples.

Service workflow:
• Discuss the experimental details with client and understand the requirements.
• Case confirmation and obtain the sample from client.
• Protein quantification and quality control
• Enzymatic proteolysis
• The PTM-peptide will be purified by PTM specific antibody or PTM-affinity chromatography
• Analyzed by LC-MS/MS
• Database searching and PTM site assignment

Sample requirements:
• Gel containing protein sample
   Gel ≤ 3 x 8 x 1.5mm
   Total amount ≥ 100 ng
• Protein solution, purified protein or immunoprecipitation sample
   Total amount ≥ 100 ng (Should provide detail composition of protein solution.)


Final report and raw data*1