Peptide Synthesis

Key service features:
• Our experts will discuss with you and confirm your requirements.
• From crude to 98%, we provide different purity of products for clients’ options.
• From mg to g, we offer a flexible amount of the peptide product.
• We have a well-established platform to synthesize the peptide in a short period. (usually 2-4 weeks).
• We offer kinds of modification choices for your synthetic peptide.
• We have the expertise to help you acquire the peptide with 100% sequence accuracy.
• We will offer the MS and HPLC report for clients to understand the quality of synthetic peptide.

Service workflow:
• Case discussion (including sequence, purity, amount, and modification).
• Peptide synthesis
• MS and HLPC analysis

Sample requirements:
• Clients should provide the information of your target peptide (including sequence, purity, yield, and modification.)

• Synthetic peptide (powder)
• MS and HPLC report of your target peptide