Monoclonal Antibody Development

Key service features:
• Our experts will offer professional analysis and suggestions for antigen design.
• Our capable project manager and scientists will support and discuss with you throughout the process.
• Flexibility to increase the number of immunized animals.
• The fee is flexible, dependent on each stage of the completed project.
• We provide affinity purification to improve the purity of desired antibodies.
• The antibody screening service can be customized according to the client’s requirements.

Service workflow:
• Phase I :Antigen design and evaluation.
• Phase II :Four BALB/c mice immunization and then titration of antibodies in sera by ELISA.
• Phase IIIa:Hybridoma preparation and screening.
• Phase IIIb:Hybridoma stabilization and expansion.
• Phase IVa:Ascites induction and monoclonal antibody production.
• Phase IVb:Antibody purified by protein A/G or antigen-affinity column.

Sample requirements:
• The sequence and information of the target peptide or protein antigen are required. (Phase I)
• We will offer clients sera of antigen-immunized mice to determine the mice candidates for hybridoma preparation. (Phase II)
• Client can select 1-3 candidates for the following clones stabilization and expansion. (Phase III)

• 2 vials of cryogenic tubes/hybridoma clones.
• 5 mL supernatant collected from hybridoma culture media/ hybridoma clones.
• QC report of antibody binding ability analyzed by indirect ELISA .